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Dick and Dee have over 10 years of combined video & movie making experience.

Over 50,000 views and gradually improving every week.

We enjoy filming live events, music videos, weddings, graduations, comedy shows, baby showers, birthday parties, legacy videos and more.

We want to help you remember all the important milestones in your busy life.

Sometimes you can't always sit back and enjoy the day but when have it professionally filmed and edited we can let you re-live the day forever, whenever.

Each memory will be saved for a lifetime and can be passed down for many generations.


Dee has been editing since high school. Although she is self taught she can edit and produce your video before your photographer can get your pictures. When she isn't behind the camera or computer she's spending time with her husband, Dick and their cat and dog at home.

 Editor / President / Producer



Dick went to Ball State University for a directing major in theatre and a  minor in Latin. His passion is directing movies and theatre. He loves learning about Rome and will Wikipedia anything he doesn't know. 

Director / CEO 



Bill was a photographer in high school and soon realized his passion for videography after helping with a couple weddings. When he isn't filming you can find him digging poles for his day job. He's learning editing skills slowly but surely and passionate about what he does.

Camera Man 


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John is attending Ball State University for Advertisement. He's starting his own company making business cards, logos, websites and anything else your business may need to succeed. 



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